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June 2020

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Sponsorship Information

Introduction to the AOGA Weekend at Gleneagles

AOGA is a non profit making association and the Gleneagles weekend is the only event of the year that it organises. It was founded in 1979 when a group of Aberdeen Oilmen decided that it would be fun to have a weekend away to play golf and enjoy each other’s company. The tournament has grown in size over the years up until 2015 when 80 different companies attended the weekend hosted by 35 sponsors. It is truly an Industry event where the Major Contractors, SME’s and Operators meet and network with their Peers.

It was the only event where the complete Hotel and services were taken over by a single group. It is a partners weekend with both Men and Women Golf tournaments, and special events laid on for the non-golfers. The event is organised by a voluntary committee who act on behalf of the sponsors.

With the recent and pronounced recession in the Oil & Gas industry it was decided to cancel the 2016 event as the situation of the industry and many companies in Aberdeen was not appropriate for a large scale entertainment event. The committee, with the support of many of our sponsors, agreed that the event would re-commence again in 2017.

The weekend event is the same in principal with regard to the Golf and Charity support, however it is now half the size, meaning that currently we do not occupy Gleneagles exclusively. The event still attracts 22 sponsors and 220 guests, making it once again a prestigious industry weekend.

As the industry recovers we are pleased to see many of the original sponsors return as the weekend is certainly a major networking and charity supporting event for our industry.

Each Sponsorship entitles the Sponsor company to 4 Double room (or equivalent, as there are some suites) and 4 playing places in both the men’s & women’s event.

In order to prevent the event being dominated by a few of the larger organisations it is a rule that in general no company is able to have more than 4 sponsorships. Some of the Companies do have multiple sponsorships but many only have the one. The current sponsorship profile ranges from the Big 3 oil services companies, drilling contractors, subsea Construction and service providers to major operators.

The Tournament

The capacity of the hotel is approximately 460 people and until 2015 AOGA booked the hotel exclusively due to the high demand for participants. However since 2017 the event is now smaller with approximately 220 people attending.

The event now utilises 2 of the 3 courses, such that the men play 36 holes on two courses over 2 days and the ladies play the same course on both days. This structure enables prizes to be awarded for  each flight for each day, each flight for the two days, and overall winners. This applies for both ladies and men and the scoring system used is based on Stableford. There are also several other prizes including nearest the pin, and low gross competitions.

The prizes given are all within the R&A rules on amateur golf.


Over the years AOGA has evolved and grown, donating key sums of money to charities. It was felt by the committee and guests that it was only right to take this opportunity to raise money through auctions, door prizes and other fund raising means. Since 2002 we have been able to donate almost £1 million to local North East charities. We predominantly focus on the smaller charities who assist with children and young adults where a gift of £10000 makes a big difference. We will continue to do this in the future.

We trust that this précis of the event gives your company interest in becoming a sponsor.

Please contact any of the Committee for more details.

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