The history of the Aberdeen Oilman's Golf Association

About AOGA

1997 - 2019

AOGA, The Aberdeen Oilman’s Golf Association was formed in 1979. The Aberdeen Petroleum Club, was a regular meeting place for the Aberdeen Oilmen’s Golfing fraternity, so in 1979 it was muted by a group of keen golfers that it would be a good idea to have an annual tournament. The Gleneagles Hotel with its two superb Kings and Queens courses was selected as the venue and headed up by some of the Oil Industries Major Service Companies a committee was formed and AOGA was born.

During the early years of the AOGA tournament The Gleneagles Hotel consisted of 2 prestigious courses namely the Kings and Queens Courses. The ladies would play on the 2 Princes Courses. The AOGA event soon gained momentum, and in only a few years this resulted in The Gleneagles Hotel being fully booked. At that time people were permitted to play in the tournament even though they could not stay in the Hotel. This was not ideal as players were not able to attend the social side of the event: evening dinners, prize giving as well as all the other entertainment the event provides.

Within a few years The Gleneagles Hotel expanded and the AOGA event became, and still is today, the Oil Industries major golfing event of the year, rivalled only by the ‘Spindle Top’ Golf Tournament in Houston, Texas. The AOGA Tournament at The Gleneagles Hotel differs from the Houston event in that it is over 4 days for Operators and Contractors alike, allowing the participants, their partners and guests not only to enjoy a mutual interest in playing golf at one of the world’s most renowned Golfing and Sporting venues but also to network in relaxed and luxurious surroundings.

In 1993, at a cost of £5.9 million and designed by Jack Nicklaus, The Gleneagles Hotel opened the PGA Centenary Course. Combined with the admired King’s and Queen’s courses personnel from within the oil sector around the world eagerly await their invitation to the well attended and popular AOGA tournament.

The Gleneagles Hotel has been extremely supportive of the AOGA Tournament over the last 40 years, indeed it is one of the Hotels largest and important singular tournaments of the year. The Tournament has grown over the years into an extremely well run and successful event catering for all levels of Golf. The event includes a fun mini tournament for any ladies wishing to participate through to serious single handicap golfers. The event is much more than just a ‘Golf Tournament’, it is a 4 day venue for the Oil Industry to meet, network and relax and enjoy the company of other like minded oilmen and women. In recent years the event has also raised many thousands of pounds for varied Children’s Charities in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.

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